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Full Circle Wreath Company offers a fundraising program to non profits, school clubs, sports team and all other groups trying to raise profits for there organization. All sales are pre sold during September-November, with no upfront cost to your organization. Profit per wreath average is $10 to your group,example- if you have 10 members in your group and each sale 10 wreaths your projected profit is $1,000, First year groups average $1500-$2000 there first year with 10 members only!

NEW Referal Bonus program!!! Refer another fundraising group and earn an addition $1.00 for every wreaths sold by that group, 

We are committed to supplying fundraising groups with premium quality Christmas products and look forward to the prospect of working with your organization to provide a unique fundraising opportunity.

Please contact us for more information,

Happy Holidays!!!

                                                                                                                                        NEW 2016 SUPPORT WREATH


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